In accordance with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) I am required to make it clear to all readers if I receive compensation in any way including but not limited to being paid, receiving free products, or making a commission off of any link you may come across on my blog.

Any banners or ads that you click on while on my blog (Ivy's Box of Tips and Toys)  that take you to another website where you can purchase products are affiliate links. These affiliate links earn me a small commission on the products that you choose to purchase. I do not promote any sites or products that I do not trust or use myself in order to make money. 

Product reviews featuring links within the post that result in you being taken to a separate web address are review where I have either bought or received a product for free in exchange of an honest review. The reviews I post are of my honest opinion and have not been affect in any way by the fact that I received the item for free or that I gain an incentive off of a review. I will list reasoning for whether I like it or not, which in no way has been influenced by any monetary or non-monetary incentive. 

I will state whether I paid for the product or received it for free in each and every review that I post.

If you have any questions or concerns about this disclaimer or anything else on my blog, please do not hesitate to contact me at aidenlioncourt@gmail.com.

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