About Ivy

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! This is a place for me to share my sexual knowledge,my personal opinions of all kinds of toys, lingerie, lubes and more, and to just be brutally open and honest about my life, sexually and personally. 

From here on out, you can call me Ivy. I am a 22 year old plus-sized woman from a small town in Pennsylvania. At a young age I discovered I wasn't like the other children. I had my first crush on a boy at age 6 and my  first crush on a girl at age 8. I have come to realize that I don't see people for their gender but for their personality. I've fallen for both men and women over the years and have had some failed attempts at polyamory , but have found that I lean towards men more often then women.

Currently I am in a monogamous relationship with a man who isn't willing to share me with anyone else. We both share a passion of trying new things in the bedroom and enjoy a variety of kinks that I will be sharing with you. 

In the 6 years that I have been sexually active I have learned that good sex is a dance that takes practice, knowledge of your partner, and knowing how to preform each step along the way. I hope that this blog can give people the right tools to learn the steps .

I'm new to blogging so please bear with me as I adapt and learn. This will be a learning experience for both of us. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with you all.




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